Vector lines

A successful event is, first and foremost, the confluence of a multitude of sinuous rills, small fingers toiling hand in hand, disemboguing into a result that exceeds the client’s expectations and leaves them overflowing with joy.

However, many of them run their course underground; upholsterers, carpet makers, carpenters, iron workers, artisans, work relentlessly, day in, day out, to carefully chisel the finishing touch, hewing to their attention to details. Perpetually seeking those shimmering talents, gem-like and full of lustre, I had the chance to collaborate with Vector Lines, a small company which has succeeded in reuniting all those professions. They are unstoppable, working 24/7, even under a deluge of rain or a flurry of snow, with all the complications they entail: technical difficulties, a quasi-impossible access to the event’s location… They will bend over backwards to leave you in raptures. Thanks to them, I know that nothing is impossible. Their deftness, expertise, and know-how allow the craziest of my ideas to see the light of day.