Flore Benguigui

For my website, I dreamed of a little video that would introduce and represent me and my universe.

From this stemmed my collaboration with Aurelie Legrand—but more about her in a further story. A video entailed music to go along, and so I sought someone who could write the notes of my identity in harmony with my past achievements. A friend of mine had told me about Flore, and I was lovestruck at our first meeting. I immediately grasped the impact she could have of my image; she could fathom the stakes, and I could not help but to trust her entirely. As you can attest to, the result teeters on the brink of perfection, and I have therefore had no regret whatsoever—Flore, I could never thank you enough for your patience, professionalism, and of course for your talent. One would have to be tone-deaf not to be bewitched by your crystalline voice. In the meantime, check out her sextet “L’Imperatrice,” bound to soar to new heights in the near future, or her Jazz quartet, “The Velvet Club,” which could make for a perfect soundtrack to your event.