Dinner over the water

For this fantastic event, we had to cover a massive 18th Century swimming pool with plexiglass flooring—and so on really short notice.

The success of this particular challenge was contingent upon the effective planning of every hour, day and night. Pouring rain on the first day of installations only added to the complications, but the warm, pervading, atmosphere which lasted the entire process truly made it sensational. Not only was this one of my most enriching professional and personal experience, but the team of carpenters, upholsterers, and decorators, I got to work with also made the process fun and enjoyable. Nothing was impossible to them, and thanks to that, I know that all my ideas can be realized, no matter how crazy they may seem. Bastien, the owner of Vector Lines and head of the team, displayed such efficiency and charisma that we were all blown away by his management skills