Aurélie Legrand

The stakes of creating a company in one’s image are undeniably high, and in my case, my already demanding proclivities surged to the utmost when I took to the endeavor.


Canopea Design is first and foremost a talented and authentic artist, Anais, who will devote the whole of her mettle to your event.

Regis Pastorelli

From the first days of my collaboration with Régis, I instantly felt I could rely on his discernment as a videomaker, and so without prior acquaintance with his work.

Dinner over the water

For this fantastic event, we had to cover a massive 18th Century swimming pool with plexiglass flooring—and so on really short notice.

Winter event

This winter event featured a modern black & white style centered on the theme of Christmas.

Bohemian style

This event and its bohemian airs were especially unique for many reasons. Its location was unique and exhilarating, and I would recommend it for any kind of event, photoshoot, or vacation.

Vector lines

A successful event is, first and foremost, the confluence of a multitude of sinuous rills, small fingers toiling hand in hand, disemboguing into a result that exceeds the client’s expectations and leaves them overflowing with joy.


One of the perks of my career is that I am often granted the opportunity to visit the most marvelous locations.

Fleur de sel

Throughout my career, I have met and worked with countless caterers. Fleur De Sel was one of my favorites for many reasons.

Flore Benguigui

For my website, I dreamed of a little video that would introduce and represent me and my universe.