Aurélie Legrand

The stakes of creating a company in one’s image are undeniably high, and in my case, my already demanding proclivities surged to the utmost when I took to the endeavor.

After searching everywhere for a graphic designer, on the internet, among my relations, in France, abroad, my eyes rested on this uniquely talented brunette met on the beach in Dinard. She instantly understood what I had in mind, which, with my wandering psyche, is easier said than done. The word “impossible” not once passed her lips, and accordingly, she was ready to tackle any difficulty. Motivated by challenge myself, I was seduced. Everything started with my very own logo. I felt it should convey so many elements and emotions that, for some reason, I expected the result to fall short of my expectations, and I was waiting for her around the corner. When she first came out with a draft, however, I realized my anguish was unwarranted, as it bordered on perfection. Days passed, and then weeks, and months, where every hour was as pleasant and fulfilling as the first, and our ideas twined and mixed, begetting new challenges every time. If you are reading these lines, then it means you have witnessed the final result, the logo, the front-page video, the website as a whole. So tell me, be honest, are you not impressed by the talent of this young artist?