« I have never bought into the idea that things occur by chance. I believe everything happens for a reason, and this wedding is one of my best examples. I had the pleasure of being introduced to B & Y through a casual meeting in May. Within a few months, however, we were working together to orchestrate the best day of their lives.

For the location, we chose one of my favorite places in the South of France, the “Domaine de Beaumanière.” But for all of its natural beauty, we still felt we ought to cover the majestic 18th century swimming pool with plexi flooring and a diaphanous marquee that would exacerbate its original appeal. Everything was engineered to make this fairy-tale wedding come true. The magnificent church; the cocktail site furbelowed with orchid garlands; the dinner, and its multifarious flavors, each fastidiously chosen by the trained taste buds of a talented chef; the appeasing voice of Caroline Vreeland, who had traveled to South France specifically for this event—everything was designed to outclass our marrying couple’s already demanding expectations. With every detail thoroughly studied, there was nothing left for our participants to do but to marvel at the result and let a “wow” pass their lips. Thank you so much B & Y for making this happen.«