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It has lately come to my attention that I ought to write a short piece for potential clients, explaining why it is in their interest—and what else have we in mind!—to enlist our services for their event. How daunting the task! We tread on treacherous grounds, not for lack of weapons to defend ourselves with (quite the contrary) but because self-promotion and flaunted achievements are all too commonplace as we stroll through Vanity Fair. Oh well! you can’t please everyone, and long live freedom of expression! So let us be candid and let us be blunt. —And I am slowly realizing that this is the perfect opportunity to scour the gilded heraldry of private-event planning, which has too long been left to gather dust on the old shelf.

#1 No more language barrier in your wedding planning

To return to our topic, picture this scene in your mind’s eye: From where you stand, you command a great prospect: before you is a journey of which, you foresee, your life will ever bear the stamp. And on the eve of this most memorable day, you reflect that you are unprepared—you know not the native tongue and the unfamiliar climates towards which you are embarking. You want the journey to take place under the most favorable conditions, but where to begin, when even your imagination fails you? On the other hand, you want the preparations to be of as little inconvenience to you as possible, and realize that you need more than an errand-boy or executioner; you need someone you can trust, a Fidus Achates at your side, a dedicated listener who could fulfill and anticipate your every expectation.

#2 A French partner that understands perfectly your needs

What you need, in other words, is a professional, with proven expertise and an eye that compliments yours. Someone who will not balk at the first difficulty, and will be capable of engineering, from the first capital pieces to the last detail, all the necessary preparations, with your tastes and comforts always in mind. When you come across such a person, then, that they also be your friend and devotee will only bolster your confidence that you have found a worthy associate.

#3 A great expertise of the french event market

At Aurelie R Private Events, We know our market and clientele, and have navigated the warrens of luxury with ease for over a decade: we have mapped out its every turn. We have at our disposal a web of contractors all around France, and even abroad; we will listen with an attentive ear, and work with them to fulfill all your wishes. We seek greatness at every step, and strive to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations: mere satisfaction would be an embarrassment to us. Even your most hopeless dreams, those that in your heart, you think impossible, you can entrust to us in full confidence that we will lean the utmost of our slight weight on the fulcrum of the great machinery of miracles, and set its gears into motion. We love what we do with a passion, and it’s sometimes all the oil you need to apply to the cogs.

#4 A huge creativity to make your dreams come true

You will find in us expertise, diligence, discretion—of course—but also the kind of playful simplicity and lightness whose month is ever May. We weave with our clients a connection that outlasts many friendships (and is sometimes more genuine, too,) and that is the secret joy of our profession. We cannot overstate the importance of our position. An event planner, after all, is one who walks with you through the most memorable events of your life; this is a privilege, and we set out on every journey without a hint of cynicism. Year after year, we have honed our vision so that nothing can escape it, and work at the molecular level to create a flawless gem of an experience. Our satisfaction only shines through the prism of your happiness, and therefore we are implacable in its pursuit, and always joyful and wholehearted.